What is a diaphragm pump?

If you want to understand the mechanics of a diaphragm pump then take the example of an injection. It is a piston pump with an opening at one side and the piston at the other end. When the piston is pulled outwards, the injection sucks in the liquid and then the piston is pushed inwards to release the fluid.

Similarly, a diaphragm pump is in charge of the flow of liquid into the chamber. Like the piston pump, the diaphragm is pulled out which decreases the pressure inside the chamber and the fluids is sucked inside. And when the diaphragm just like the piston pump is pushed inside, it creates more pressure and the liquids flows out of the delivery end.

The diaphragm pump is better than other pumps because it has valves that seal the ends which increases its versatility. Unlike other sealing methods, it does not leak, used for low pressure and causes less friction. It can easily be used for varying temperatures and pressure; also can handle corrosive, abrasive liquids as well as sludge. The diaphragm pump is the modern take on the piston pump with a variety of uses and suitable for different fluids.

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